Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hello. Welcome to the sister site of Emotionally Voided. Aside from being a serious music geek, i'm also very into the world of film. I'm actually a film student, and The Difficulty of Seeing is my foray into the art of film criticism. As you might expect (if you're familiar with Emotionally Voided) i'm into weirder shit as far as film is concerned, with some of my favorite directors being Werner Herzog, David Lynch, Lars von Trier, Todd Solondz, the Coen Brothers and Jim Jarmusch, but i'm also very interested in formalism and modernism, which allows me to idolize personalities like Orson Welles as well as folks like Sofia Coppola and Wes Anderson. The world of auteur filmmaking is just as vast and varied as "underground" music. This blog is more for my personal reference, with the hope of improving my overall appreciation for, and ability to write with insight on, what i'm seeing. The focus here will be on theatrical releases, though i might occasionally sneak an older title in if i'm really moved to write about it. This is by no means authoritative-as i said, i'm just a student looking to improve, so a lot of this is just opinion and personal thought tempered with what little classical knowledge i have (although that's all criticism really is). Hopefully there'll be something here you like.

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